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All The Kpop with B1A4 here

All The Kpop Anyang Special ep 1 and 2

 All The Kpop summer special 1 and 2

All The Kpop WARA

 We are still in the middle reuploading the rest.

Hello everyone, this is Ayesha. I just want to say that we are really sorry, we couldn’t keep our promise. We have normal life too. Please remember that you all don’t even pay us for subbing.

We are busy because of college already started and Soomi got into new college, scholarship by government, so she’ll be busier because she has to keep up her grade.

I’ve translated 3 episodes since months ago, yeah, what can we do, she is busy. I am busy as well, now. And blame my country’s internet -..- We are struggling reuploading the videos one by one T_T

We’ve reuploaded most of the videos, so pleaaaaaaaaaaase wait patiently.

Thank you for your support and attention, and maybe your waiting too. Once again, we’re sorry >.<

[ENG] [FULL HD] 130806 All The Kpop Summer Special 4th With VIXX

MC: Boom, Yang Sehyung, Kim Kwangmin

Guest: VIXX



Dailymotion: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Do not reupload anywhere else. Just link back to this post to share it. Thank you so much. Enjoy watching! ^_^

I’ve finished the translation of All The Kpop with VIXX. Lets pray for Sumi to finish the subbing fast haha.

We’ll reupload all the videos next week, also the WARA part 2 and New Year Special after Iedul Fitri, but we want to give you All The Kpop VIXX before holiday^^ Will work on Real Man next week.

Happy Holiday for Indonesian and moslems~ :D



yep, our Youtube is gone because of another strike about violence huft. Don’t worry, of course we’re planning to re-upload all of them into Dailymotion. But because rn we’re still on holiday of Idul Fitri (I’ed al-Fitri) so it’ll take a pretty long time. so I hope you can understand it, and waiting patiently. thank you so much ^^

- Sumi

Anonymous sent: do you gonna sub all the kpop vixx special??


[ENG] [FULL HD] 121228 ALL THE KPOP WARA [World-Class Awesome Rookie Award]

MC: Boom, Park Jaemin, MBLAQ MIR

GUEST: Fiestar, Sunny Hill, The Seeya, One Hundred, Led Apple, Kim Minjun, Dal Shabet, Hello Venus, Rania, D-Unit, Wonder Boyz, C-Real



Youtube: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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Good News! ..I Guess…..

We are going to sub Real Men! Its on our list, so please wait it patiently, like really patiently, it will come out in weeks :)

[ENG] [FULL HD] 130423 All The Kpop Episode 30 Anyang Art High School Part 2

Guests: Bada, MBLAQ’s Seungho, MYNAME’s Insoo and Seyong

MCs: Boom, Park Jaemin



Dailymotion: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Alternative Links: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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Real Men

Guys, there are so many requests about Real Men.. But truthfully, it is so hard for me to sub it. I’m not Korean nor English speaker and Real Men uses sooo many military words I don’t understand. I worked on Real Men episode 1 for 2 weeks :’)

If you really want me to sub it, is it okay if I just translate their talks (exclude the screen texts)? And which episode do you want to watch the most?

We are planning to sub All The Kpop WARA and New Year Special btw, wait for next week :) And Anyang Part 2 will out soon ^^